October 7, 2016


Welcome to our wedding website!  We can't wait to celebrate our marriage with all of our friends and family!  We thought we would use this space to give you a little inside info about our big day! 

We will be celebrating at The Central House in Beach Lake, PA.  The ceremony will be held outdoors and will begin at 5pm.  Early October can be a little bit chilly sometimes, so please bring a sweater.  If there is light rain we will still be outside, but under the cover of the pavilion by the pool.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed for good weather!

The lovely Sarah Hafler will be our photographer for the event.  We encourage you to take lots of pictures and make lots of memories with us; but please make sure to be respectful during our ceremony and limit your photo taking!  We want to make sure she captures all of the best moments and that includes all of your faces; not your phones.  There will be plenty of time for taking pictures the rest of the night!  We hope you share those photos on instagram with #PandRGetHitched

Music will be provided by Mystic Entertainment from Roscoe, NY!  They are a fun and awesome family owned business.  Don't forget to let us know your favorite dance song on your RSVP cards!  We want to see your moves!

That's all I can give away for now... You will have to be there to find out the rest! 


Regina & Patrick